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"Ahhh! What a great dream! A huge huggable teddy bear that is warm and smells good!" Since her pajamas was furry, she didn't feel the hardness of his chest against her face. She rubbed her face on his chest without opening her eyes until her hand accidentally groped one of his butt cheeks.


She snuggled closer and stayed quiet for a few minutes. Hearing his words made her heart ache because she knew she needed to tell him sooner or later that she was sick. Struggling between what words to use and how to say it, her eyes started to heat up with tears filling them.


Susu had worked on her client's requests and made proper adjustments to the designs before she headed out to meet up with Lily. Although she wore a scarf around her neck, the concealer she used to hide the hickeys on her neck was barely enough coverage to hide the redness.


"I've noticed it since you mentioned your missing medicine in my cousin's car. I have my connections and got this within a day. Here, better to be safe than sorry. Time to go~" he carried her bag and she locked the doors from behind. After making sure that everything was in order, they held each other's hand and headed to the hospital. It'll be a long day ahead, so Chen Mu prepared everything that would keep her away from boredom.


"Mmm, she sounded like how she always treated me. Instead, I was the one who sounded too formal around her, but I doubt I could act the same way after everything that has happened." He rubbed her back and watched her snuggle up against his chest.


"What do you expect me to say? I'm not going to lie to you. If you came home like this, it means you probably saw her with another guy. She's probably very happy right now. Happier than she ever was when with you and you realized it. You want her back now, but ask yourself, do you really love her? Or just a part of you feels bad for losing something so special?"

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Finally, after a while of having mixed emotions, Tian Yuo figured out his feelings for Susu. Unfortunately, it was too late. Too late to mend any damages and already too late to even have the right to say that he loves her.


Chen Mu's assistant did what he was told and brought Yin Zin Leung and Karen to Chen Mu's office. After they had entered, his assistant left quickly after sensing a strong tension lingering in the deadly atmosphere in the office. It was as if an extra inhalation in the room would spike through his organs and melt his blood in molten lava.


"Damn! And I thought I was shameless enough to say abs!" Lily clapped her hands in excitement.


She turned her head to her left and right to make sure nobody spotted her before locking the locker again. Once she successfully retrieved the package, the two guards reported back to Zi Yan and Professor Luo Xia about her progress.


"Gahhh!!!!!" She wiped the sauce off her lap and shrieked as she tried standing up. When Lin Que saw her reaction, he signaled the waiter to pour everything on her at once. Lin Que covered Lily and stepped backwards to make sure she wouldn't get a single stain on her body. The crowd saw the nasty scene coming up, so they moved away to a distance where they wouldn't get dirty.


"Yep. That's all for now. Don't worry, these are warm ups. Wait till we get to the challenging ones, heh." Her voice was filled with excitement, which would only mean one word for the guys; disaster.


"Thank you for making my year reach its fullest with joy and happiness. From everyday silliness to our cheesy lines, you've lifted my foot from a hellhole. Rather than thanking me for doing everything and giving me so much credit for all those times, it should be me saying all those back to you. You don't know how much you really mean to me. Being able to give myself wholeheartedly and physically to you was the most wonderful thing that ever happened to me. I love you so much and hope for even more for the future."



Susu laughed heartily when she heard Lily's descriptive details of how she did it and how many times she had jabbed Tian Yuo's toes before giving him a flat nose. "Hahahaha, sounds just like you, Honey bun. Anyways, I have something important that I want to ask you today!"



They nodded and wiped their tears away with tissues that Chen Mu provided. "Susu's still alive, but her condition is not too well. She fell unconscious, so it's best for you two to visit her quietly. She shouldn't go through any emotional moments for now. It's not my place to ask any questions right now, but I'm sure she would love to hear your stories whenever she wakes up."


"But you lost first, so it's time for punishment." He nibbled on her ear and gently pecked mini kisses down to her neck. For every kiss that was planted on her skin, his lips lightly sucked on every spot along the way down to her chest. He stopped midway to kiss her lips and asked, "is there anything you want to talk to me about?"


Seeing him slide the new ring to her wedding finger, her chest tightened up as if she had a bad feeling about this trip. A sense of hesitation conquered her courage; allowing fear spread to her heart. She thought for a moment and wanted to suggest for her to go alone.

  • After going back to their rooms, Susu twist and turned in bed; unable to fall asleep. After half an hour later, she gasped and gulped, "I need to use the bathroom! But.. what if the ghost comes to haunt me.." Though she was a hardcore fan of horror movies, she always would need company to the bathroom if someone watched the movie with her.
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